This week, we kicked off the third annual Great Salt Lake Fringe in the best way possible: with tons of critical buzz about our fantastic shows! Check out show reviews from the first weekend below.

The Salt Lake Tribune

“The best thing about an uncurated festival — like the third annual Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival playing through Sunday, Aug. 6, at Sugar House venues — is that you just don’t know what you’ll see. Here are some quick reviews of opening weekend performances by Barbara M. Bannon, Tribune theater critic.”

Shows reviewed: 1222 Randall Avenue, Curie Me Away!, Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Exposure, Safe Sex, On Tidy Endings, Punxsutawney, Stalled

The Utah Review

Les Roka of the Utah Review writes: “In its third year, the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival continues to develop solidly with excellent potential. As a creative incubator, it remains true to the ideals of that first independent festival 70 years ago in Edinburgh, where four criteria are essential: no prior professional performing arts experience required, no juried selection, no pretentiousness or poseurs and no costly, complicated professional production values.”

Shows reviewed: Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Beautiful Messy Ones, Phantom Map, Curie Me Away!

Salt Lake City Weekly

City Weekly’s Scott Renshaw writes about his opening weekend picks, addint that “…as with any festival, there’s an inevitable FOMO component, as there’s no way you can get a chance to watch everything.”

Shows reviewed: Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Curie Me Away!, The Jawbone’s Daughter

Utah Theatre Bloggers

One of Utah’s most prolific theatre reviewers, Utah Theatre Bloggers published a record-setting 34 reviews in the month of July–and we’re thrilled to be part of that! In the first weekend, UTBA reviewed 10 Fringe productions. Check them out below, or click here to see all their Fringe reviews.

Phantom Map
Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear
Becoming an Honorary Crone
Ballad of a Meadow
Trash! (A Story About Your Children)
1222 Randall Avenue
Place of No Darkness
Do You Want to See Me Naked?

Front Row Reviewers

Do You Want to See Me Naked?