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GSLF 2018: Review Round-Up

GSLF 2018: Review Round-Up

Reviews are rolling in for shows in the 2018 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival! We’re handily collecting them here so you can peruse at your leisure. You’re welcome! 😉

Front Row Reviewers

This local organization carries the motto of “Celebrating the GOOD in Utah Arts,” and they’ve been on fire reviewing Fringe shows left and right! Check out what they’ve published so far this year!

Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

UTBA is a long-standing staple of the Utah theatre community, and they’ve continued their excellent record of reviewing Fringe shows, with several reviews from the 2018 festival already published and more to come. Check out their reviews below.


Continuing their tradition of reviewing dance pieces at the Fringe, loveDANCEmore has written about Cat + Fish Dances’ FLICKER, with more to come.

The Utah Review

Les Roka of the Utah Review writes about the fourth annual Fringe and reviews seven shows over two articles.

GSLF 2017: First Weekend Review Round-Up

GSLF 2017: First Weekend Review Round-Up

This week, we kicked off the third annual Great Salt Lake Fringe in the best way possible: with tons of critical buzz about our fantastic shows! Check out show reviews from the first weekend below.

The Salt Lake Tribune

“The best thing about an uncurated festival — like the third annual Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival playing through Sunday, Aug. 6, at Sugar House venues — is that you just don’t know what you’ll see. Here are some quick reviews of opening weekend performances by Barbara M. Bannon, Tribune theater critic.”

Shows reviewed: 1222 Randall Avenue, Curie Me Away!, Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Exposure, Safe Sex, On Tidy Endings, Punxsutawney, Stalled

The Utah Review

Les Roka of the Utah Review writes: “In its third year, the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival continues to develop solidly with excellent potential. As a creative incubator, it remains true to the ideals of that first independent festival 70 years ago in Edinburgh, where four criteria are essential: no prior professional performing arts experience required, no juried selection, no pretentiousness or poseurs and no costly, complicated professional production values.”

Shows reviewed: Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Beautiful Messy Ones, Phantom Map, Curie Me Away!

Salt Lake City Weekly

City Weekly’s Scott Renshaw writes about his opening weekend picks, addint that “…as with any festival, there’s an inevitable FOMO component, as there’s no way you can get a chance to watch everything.”

Shows reviewed: Do You Want to See Me Naked?, Curie Me Away!, The Jawbone’s Daughter

Utah Theatre Bloggers

One of Utah’s most prolific theatre reviewers, Utah Theatre Bloggers published a record-setting 34 reviews in the month of July–and we’re thrilled to be part of that! In the first weekend, UTBA reviewed 10 Fringe productions. Check them out below, or click here to see all their Fringe reviews.

Phantom Map
Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear
Becoming an Honorary Crone
Ballad of a Meadow
Trash! (A Story About Your Children)
1222 Randall Avenue
Place of No Darkness
Do You Want to See Me Naked?

Front Row Reviewers

Do You Want to See Me Naked?


World Fringe Day: The Heart of Fringe

World Fringe Day: The Heart of Fringe

Happy World Fringe Day! Celebrating 70 years of creative freedom!

As the 2017 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival is swiftly approaching on July 28th, we are celebrating a very important day today, World Fringe Day!

70 years ago, the first ever Fringe was formed, and now, hundreds of Fringes across the world have July 11th to celebrate the first-ever World Fringe Day!

What started it all: “The Edinburgh Festival Fringe began in 1947 when eight groups arrived in Edinburgh hoping to perform at the newly formed Edinburgh International Festival but were refused entry to the program.

The TwoFifteen Project’s production last summer, “The Rental”. We are excited to have them join us again this summer for “1222 Randall Avenue”!

Rather than being discouraged from performing, they went ahead and performed on the “fringe” of the Festival anyway and so the Fringe was born.

Year on year more performers flocked to Edinburgh to be part of the Fringe; an open access festival where, in the spirit of the original eight, no one is denied entry, making it the largest platform on earth for creative freedom.

This initial act of defiance was also the spark that ignited fringe festivals around the world, and soon after Fringes began to establish in other cities, countries, and continents.

The Fringe model has become a global revolution reaching around the world from Australia to France, Canada to Prague, South Africa to Brighton, China to Brazil, and everywhere in-between providing platforms for artists to present their work and make cultural connections that transcend national boundaries.”

GSL Fringe’s 2016 “Audience Choice” award winner, “Innovation” a physical theatre piece by Jared Larkin, originally performed in 2006 at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Fringe history from…

Getting to the heart of Fringe: Anyone who has attended a Fringe knows that it is a good time—hundreds of artists, a non-stop party, live street artists and musicians—but when you come out to the Fringe, you are not only in for a good time: you are helping keep the arts community alive. You are supporting local artists, international artists, and helping artists finally share their stories and art without outstanding production fees, creative censoring and other restrictions.

GSL Fringe’s “Fringe Pick” award winners from San Diego, Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre, performing Vignettes en l’Air for the 2016 GSL Fringe 

Fringes connect artists with new audiences, other artists, and to the community. Today, many individuals who are working across global art industries owe their careers to having started out at a Fringe.

To date, the Great Salt Lake Fringe has paid out over $50,000 to 300+ artists, employed 100+ young people as staff and volunteers, and presented the world premieres of 50+ original productions.

The Great Salt Lake Fringe is uncensored, unadjudicated, and unrestricted. Artists hold the power, and have the opportunity to create art that matters to them.

It is the Fringe that offers a platform for all artists and arts lovers, and we hope to see you there! Join us: Join us for theatre, dance, visual art, and more on July 28th-August 6th for the 3rd annual Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival.

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